Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Trip Highlight

We had an awesome trip! It was definitely hectic at times with three kids, and it included a vacation ambulance ride (I'm not sure that there is anything more stressful than a child being sick, not knowing what is wrong, and being out of town) but we had a ton of fun!

I'll give a brief synopsis now and then include more over the next few posts. We left on Friday and drove a little over halfway, and finished the trip on Saturday. After that our week looked like this:

Saturday afternoon/evening: Magic Kingdom
Sunday: Magic Kingdom
Monday: Animal Kingdom
Tuesday: Epcot. At Epcot Reese woke up from her nap screaming and then saying her tummy hurt. She was in pain that we'd never seen her in before, so we went to First Aid. From there they called and ambulance to take her to the local hospital, but only Brian was able to go, and I had no way to get there from the park because I had Hudson. So we went back to the hotel to wait for Brian to call with an update. Apparently Reese was just really constipated from the changes to her diet and the fact that she has a spot at home that she really like to go to. And let's just say that her problem has cleared up since we got home yesterday.
Wednesday: Hollywood Studios (used to be MGM).
Thursday: Magic Kingdom. We also went to Mickey's Christmas Party that night.
Friday: Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.
Saturday: Sea World

Our passes were only for 6 days, but after our Epcot day was cut short (and we were not planning on spending the day at Epcot), Brian talked to the Manager at the hotel and she gave us an extra day, which was really great.

We had a blast at Hollywood Studios on Wednesday, and we took Wyatt to see a Star Wars show where they teach the kids to be Jedi's and then Darth Vader shows up to challenge them. We didn't get there in time to sign Wyatt up on Wednesday, so we went back on Friday for him to try it. And he loved it. In case you can't tell.

He did such a great job, and it was so cute to watch him sit nervously on the sidelines for it to start, and then go out their and practice his skills and then fight Darth Vader. I'll probably post the video once I edit it down to just the fight (Brian taped the entire thing) because it is just so funny and cute.

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