Monday, December 20, 2010

Six Weeks Old!

Hudson turned six weeks old on Friday! I'm going to use this post as his one month/ six week post since he turned a month old while we were in Disney!
Hudson, at six weeks/one month you:
  • Sleep all the time! You're starting to stay awake a little more, but you are a very tired little guy!
  • Breastfeed like a champ! You usually eat about 8-9 times a day. And you usually spit up at least one of those feedings. Uck.
  • Wake up twice a night to eat. Usually around 3 and again at 5:30. I think you just wake up for fun at 5:30 because you barely eat and go right back to sleep!
  • Have amazing head control and are starting to use your baby bumbo to hang out and watch your brother and sister.
  • Gave us your first smile! (As evidenced above).
  • You don't like tummy time, but you do a really great job holding your head up. You can also stand while we hold your hands. You've got some serious motor skills like your big brother.
  • Have your first ucky cold. You're coughing, but not as congested anymore. We're trying to keep you propped up while you sleep, which has led to a spoiled boy who only sleeps in his swing. We're going to change this soon because the battery consumption alone is wearing us down!

You're getting so big!

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