Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meeting Some of Our Favorites: Ariel

Reese absolutely LOVES Ariel. When she was a teeny tiny baby we got her an Ariel baby doll, and we started an Ariel ornament collection for her. Mainly because her hair was SO red when she was a baby, but also because Ariel is my favorite Disney princess too :).

Ariel was the last princess that we "met" while we were at the Magic Kingdom. Reese was so excited to meet her. She walked right over and sat on her lap.

The girls who play the princesses do an amazing job with these little girls. Reese just talked and talked and talked and Ariel (and the other princesses) just had conversations with her. Reese's biggest thing was to walk up to them and point to the front of her book where there was a picture of all of the Disney princesses and point to the one she was meeting and say "That is you!"
They were also good at cuddling with the little girls who just love them so much!
And one last shot. Reese stayed on Ariel's lap for so long that I was a little afraid she would never leave! I kept trying to coax her away (Ariel has a pretty long line), and the mascot attendant (or whatever) kept saying that she was just fine!
Wyatt also met the princesses, but he had a bit of a different take. I think he was a little embarrassed because he thought that they were all "cute girls," and he wanted to impress them. At each princess he would talk to Brian about whether he was going to be Luke Skywalker or Buzz Lightyear. He would walk up "in character" and tell the princess who he was and that he was protecting them. He cracked us up!

I'll post the rest of the princesses later, there are a lot of Ariel and a lot of the others (we went to see them twice), so it would be princess overload if I posted them all. Plus I want to talk about Christmas at some point too. Can you tell I'm still playing catch up?!

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