Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve dinner and present opening has become the tradition in my family. Growing up we didn't always do the same thing every year because my parents sometimes worked. We usually went to my grandfather's house at some point for dinner, and if my Dad was working we went to the fire station, but I think the thing we all liked best was just to stay around the house in our pajamas for the day!

We had pizza, ziti and beer for our Christmas Eve meal this year. My mom worked all day Christmas Eve, so my Dad made the ziti and picked up the pizzas. It was really good! At least I didn't have to worry about the kids eating their dinner. We were able to hang out for awhile, but then Wyatt and Katie couldn't wait any longer to open their presents (Katie was the most impatient).

I don't know what this face was about but it cracked me up. I told April it was a little crazy this year with the three kids there (and my Dad held Hudson the whole time), but next year it will be INSANE with Wyatt, Reese, Hudson and Mason (their baby due in February) there! Hudson and Mason will probably be crawling and walking around and falling down around all the boxes.
The tree!
Wyatt opening his remote control Iron Man from Uncle Marc and Aunt April! He LOVES this thing. He likes to set up boxes and see if Iron Man will make it across.
Marc and April got Reese this Ariel toy for the tub. Brian told Reese it was for the bath, and a few minutes later he heard her calling his name - from the bathroom! Apparently she was ready to play!
Reese and her ladybug pillow pet. Wyatt opened his doggie pillow pet first, and Reese shouted "Where's my girl pillow pet?" and went looking for it. Fortunately Katie was able to find the bag with her ladybug in it quickly. I guess next time we should give them these kind of presents at the same time!
This is what happens when a two year old doesn't take a nap on Christmas Eve! She was on a napping strike earlier this week, and she wouldn't take a nap that day. She stayed in bed calling me for two hours! She was asleep in the car and wouldn't even wake up to open her pajamas. Wyatt did it, and let's just say he wasn't too happy with the jammies. Before we got home he kept saying that he really hoped that the present he got to open that night would a War Machine robot to go with his Iron Man. I guess I would be disappointed too. And then he said, "Aren't these the jammies I already wore?" I knew I wasn't going to pull that off well, and it sure didn't happen! I guess next year I'll have to wait until Christmas Eve to give them their jammies, even though it seems like such a waste!

We put her to bed right away and Wyatt helped us leave out cookies and milk for Santa and then sprinkled his reindeer food on the grass. He went to bed really well that night even though he was super excited for Christmas!

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