Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a pretty lazy day on Christmas this year. We usually go to Brian's parents for Christmas after we do presents, but his Dad got sick on Christmas Eve. We missed going over there a lot (and because of Snowmageddon 2010 we still haven't made it over), but after our last go round with a stomach bug we couldn't chance it. Especially with Hudson. Hopefully the snow will go away soon so we can make it over!

Brian and I were up until 3:30 on Christmas morning wrapping presents. Well, I wrapped presents while Brian cleaned, but we watched Christmas Vacation while we did it :). And then when I ran out of tape at midnight Brian went to Walgreen's to stock up. Of course Hudson woke up to eat right as we finished, so I ended up falling asleep around 4:15! When we fell asleep the house looked like this...

Reese's stocking is kind of stuffed
These are the kids "Santa bags." Brian and I just ordered them this year, and we told the kids that this is what Santa delivers their presents in. He also wraps their presents in Santa Claus paper.
They got a lot of stuff. The presents wrapped around the tree into the kitchen.

Wyatt woke up at 5:45. He saw all the presents, but he was very sweet all morning. He just laid next to us on the couch and watched some Christmas shows until Reese woke up at 7:15. Once she woke up the real fun began. These pictures are basically just a jumble of cuteness from our crazy morning. They started by opening the presents from us.
Reesie loved her princess bath toys (which will never make it to the bathroom).
Wyatt was super excited to see the Imaginext aircraft carrier. At this point, we could probably create our own Imaginext village, but these are the best toys.
We got Reese this Buckley Boo bunny because she LOVES buckles.
Reese got her own Imaginext toy (finally). They don't really make girl toys, but we had to get her this Joker one. It's where she learned the phrase "The joke is on you, Batman!"
Wyatt asked for this monorail about 800 times while we were in Disney World. He was happy to see it!
Wyatt picked out this Dora microphone for Reese for Christmas.

We took a break for breakfast and then unwrapped presents from each other and then Santa gifts.
Wyatt was speedy at unwrapping gifts. Reese would tear off a strip at a time.
After getting all those gifts, Wyatt's favorite thing is probably these little Star Wars Galactic Heroes. He just lays on his belly and plays with them or puts them on shelves and plays with them. It's so cute to listen to his little Star Wars story lines.
Reesie got this little medical kit for Christmas and she LOVES to have her blood pressure checked. I "take it" and then tell her a number and she says "again."

We spent the day in our pajamas opening toys and watching movies. I didn't have any plans for dinner, so Brian went to my parents house and grabbed some ziti for us to eat. Brian and I were exhausted, but we stayed up to watch Christmas with Ozzie and Harriet because it's tradition, but also because it's awesome. While Brian and I were watching the show we noticed that the snow was coming down like crazy...and by 6:00 last night we'd accumulated over a foot of snow! Talk about a White Christmas!

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  1. That is too funny about the buckle boo! I bought Emma one for Christmas because she is obsessed with buckling and unbuckling things. She would play with Hunter's carseat the whole time we were over there when he was in that carrying carseat.