Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meeting Some of Our Favorites: Character Edition

The kids had a blast going around with their autograph books collecting the signatures of their favorite characters. Reese's book was full by our last day (her book has a place for pictures on each page, so she had fewer pages to sign than Wyatt)! We were a little worried before our trip that they would be afraid to go up to the characters (they are terrified of the mascot at the waterpark), but they had an absolute blast. In fact, if Reese was a little afraid of the costume her fear would go away as soon as I handed her the book and pen for them to sign. Then she would just run right up!

All of these pictures came from our Photopass CD. Disney World has photographers all over the place (especially at the characters and special spots) that take pictures for you and then you have the option to get them. We bought the CD with all of our pictures because they turned out well, but also because it gave us the option of just trying to get the kids to smile or even the ability to get in the picture ourselves (it's nice to be able to prove that I was there).

These are just the pictures with both kids favorite characters. I'll post more pictures of Reese meeting the princesses (which she was incredibly excited about) and places around the park later. There are way too many here for you to look at right now!
The kids and Lotso. Everyone asked them after they met them if he smelled like strawberries. I don't know if they asked because he does in the movie, or because the costume actually did smell like strawberries!
We finally saw Donald and Daisy at Hollywood Studios after looking for them all week! Reese was so excited she ran circles around Daisy. And Wyatt walked around saying "Aw, Fooey!" Donald might be his favorite.
All of us with Tigger!
Not scared at all!
We love Mickey! Even baby Hudson in his Moby wrap. This thing was a lifesaver. It kept him completely warm all week in the cold Florida weather. In fact, sometimes he was sweating when I took him out!
Woody and Jessie! They were beyond excited to meet them!
In case you can't tell, Wyatt LOVES Toy Story!
With Mickey & Minnie!
She just stood there with her hands together waiting for Minnie to sign her book. She just loves Minnie Mouse, so I know she was in awe of her!
And of course, Buzz Lightyear. He was the first character we saw on Saturday, and I think that made it so easy for them. Wyatt is such a Buzz Lightyear guy and he was so happy to see him. It might have been the thrill of his little life!

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