Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hudson's Three Year Check Up

Brian, Finley, and I took Hudson for his three year check up with Dr. Jones yesterday.

This little boy was an angel.  Seriously.  Sometimes it's amazing to me how different kids can be just based on their temperament - I'm pretty sure that Dr. Jones told us that we might want to find a way to better prepare Wyatt for his next appointment after his three year check up (yeah, it was that bad).

Hudson walked into the back and did what we asked.  I told Brian that I think that we might finally have the hang of this parenting thing with the third kid.  Hudson makes me feel like an expert. Ha!

He got measured.
And weighed.
And a blood pressure check.

His Stats
Weight: 32.2 pounds - 56th percentile
Height: 37.25 inches - 37th percentile
Blood Pressure: 83/49

I can't believe he's such a big boy!  We had his first parent teacher conference on his birthday, and he's busy at school mastering his shapes and colors, and he does the cutest little sound and hand motion when you ask him what sound an "H" makes. 

He is growing like a weed, which we knew because he has been looking so tall to us lately.  But he's finally above the 10th percentile in height (thank goodness, because I was getting blamed for that big time).

He didn't have any shots that day, so he considered it a successful trip - along with the stickers, of course!


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  2. That's nice to hear. Has he had his vaccine shots? There's health services that offer these real cheap. Just sayin' heh.

    Eleanor @ US Health Works/ Milpitas Center