Monday, November 4, 2013

Reese's Pumpkin Patch Parade

Princess Sofia was so excited for her parade last week.  She takes her performances very seriously (she's already walking around the house practicing her shuffles for her Christmas dance recital next month!).

She cracks me up because she has the next 5 Halloween costumes planned.  She was Tinkerbell last year, and next year she wants to be Cinderella - and she wants the exact same costume one of her friends wore this year.
 Reese and Emma are BFF's.  "Emma" is basically every other word out of Reese's mouth.  Every day she gets in the car after school and I ask what she did that day and she says, "Mom!  What do you think I did?  I played super heroes with Emma and Griffin!"

 We went back to her class for a few minutes during her party.  Hudson didn't mind - he got some party food and didn't want to leave!

We still haven't settled 100% on where she will be going to kindergarten next year. Wyatt stayed at the preschool for K, but we've kind of fallen in love with the public school. Also - swinging another year of 5 day tuition seems insane.  BUT!  If she doesn't go back to preschool I could end up dropping Reese and Wyatt off at 7:35, dropping Hudson off at 8:30, picking Reese up at 10:50, picking Hudson up at 11:40, and picking Wyatt up at 2:20 (that sounds insane, and I wish Kindergarten was a full we'll see). This could be her last parade!  They get so big, so fast!  

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