Friday, November 1, 2013

Wyatt & Soccer

We were living in a state of constant rain a few weeks ago.  The last week of Wyatt's baseball season was basically a wash, and Reese has had a few rain outs (and finally a make up game on Wednesday).

Wyatt and Jack are great friends.  It's so funny to me that before they were team mates they were scoring against each other, and now they want to be on the field together all the time!  This is what they do when they score a goal.
 This is what a bored Reesie does during her brother's games.  Especially when hers are cancelled.  And Wyatt still has two games that she has to sit through.
 And this is what she encourages her little brother to do.
 Finley wasn't going to fall for any of that though!
 When Wyatt is on the bench, he's usually sitting next to Coach Jason.  He doesn't stop paying attention to the game.  Or shouting to his friends.
 He had a make up game last week, and when the game started it was sunny and not terribly cold.  By the time the sun set, it was frigid!
 But the setting sun did give me some fun light for pictures.
 Even though my star player was not as enthusiastic about the light.
 Obviously he was focused on the game.
 He actually headed the ball for the first time that night.  He's watched soccer on TV, and he's "practiced" it (in the living room), but never used it in a game.
We are supposed to have their two final games of the season tomorrow, but it's been raining all we'll have to see how that plays out tomorrow.

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