Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hudson's Pumpkin Patch Parade

I drop Hudson off at school twice a week, but it still seems crazy to me that he's actually in school now.  Sometimes I feel bad for the littler kids as they get older and nothing is really "new" for them.  But Hudson is the first member of our family to have an actual Pumpkin Patch Parade in three year old class!  Reese had a small party in her class, and Wyatt's class didn't have something for parents.

But Hudson, I mean, Jake, got to sing and have a parade.  Score one for my third born!

 Oh my goodness, watching this little guy sing "Witch's Brew" was so fun.  He was adorable singing "Oooooooh, oooooooh, my witch's brew!"
 And of course, "What's it gonna do to you? BOO!"
 After his little performance, he got his parade on.

I didn't know what to expect from this little guy.  When I ask him about his day at school he gives me one word answers.  He can't tell me the name of anyone other than "Fletcher, Moira, and Tessa." But he has lots of fun at school, and he had a blast at his party,
 And apparently he pays attention to the parades at Disney World because he was handing out high five's like he was Woody on Main Street.
 Seriously - a party where we just had one tag-a-long baby and the partier?  That almost never happens!

 I'm so glad that Brian's schedule is flexible enough for him to come to things like this! He usually heads straight to work afterwards, but it means the world to these kiddos that their Daddy is there to see them sing!

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