Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Project 365: Week 44 & Week 45

Tuesday, October 29
I bought Reese this jack-o-lantern shirt at Target and she remembered that Emma had the same one.  She begged me to text Emma's mom and plan a day for them to match.  She was so, so excited to go to school and get her picture taken - and so was Emma!
Wednesday, October 30
Singing during her pumpkin patch parade.
Thursday, October 31
All dressed up for Halloween.  She obviously had no clue what that was all about, but she sure looked adorable!
Friday, November 1
My idea of a wild and crazy Friday night - reading this stack of Christmas catalogs and magazines while watching Shark Tank.  I'm officially old.
...and this is an alternate for Friday.  This news was definitely more exciting than my Friday night - The Captain is back!
Saturday, November 2
Just a couple of sisters hanging out on a Saturday.
Sunday, November 3
Smiles from FQB before bedtime.  I love this smile!
Monday, November 4
I was folding laundry, and when I came back into the living room they were cuddled together watching Daniel Tiger.  They are easily the two best "friends" in my house.  They all love each other and (usually) play nicely, but the middles get along so well!
Tuesday, November 5
The boys loved hanging out by the lake on Hudson's birthday.  Huddoo really enjoyed the leaves and throwing rocks!
Wednesday, November 6
My boys (including Brian) have all been obsessed with lining up their Star Wars figures at some point in their lives.  It always cracks me up to walk in and find his Star Wars guys lined up in a row!
Thursday, November 7
Hudson didn't have school on his birthday, so we sent cupcakes on Thursday.  I asked him if his friends sang to him and he said, "Yes!  They sang pee pee pee pee to Hudson."  He's going through a bit of a potty mouth phase right now.  Ugh.
Friday, November 8
Reader number 9 for Reesie!  Can we talk for a second about her obsession with Frozen?  The movie isn't even out yet, and she already has a shirt and wants to wear her hair like Anna.  
Saturday, November 9
Brian and I went on a "date night" Saturday to see Thor 2 and catch an Admirals game.  It's always so nice to come home to my sweet sleeping babies!
Sunday, November 10
Our kids rarely sit at the kitchen counter (the spacing is kind of awkward, and stools just scream "hey baby, pull me down on your head" to me), but occasionally they pull the tall chairs from the kitchen table over to what they call the "high counter."  They seriously love having their meals switched up a bit.
Monday, November 11
Wyatt's first school project was due today, and we finished it up yesterday.  Behold, a timeline of his life.  All 6 years.  Ha!

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