Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Project 365: Week 42 & Week 43

Tuesday, October 15
Word Study homework time!  While Wyatt worked on his "no peek sort," Reesie colored in the background.
Wednesday, October 16
Reesie and Hudson cuddle on the couch after lunch every day.
Thursday, October 17
Reesie and Hudson worked hard to build this train track, and Finley promptly wrecked it.  The dangers of setting up a train on the floor.
Friday, October 18
Brian took that Friday off, and we spent the day making Christmas lists (yes, you read that right).  We put Finley in the Jeep at Toys R Us.  Looks a lot like her big sister a few years ago.
Friday, October 19
Reesie and her bestie Emma!
Sunday, October 20
Ugh.  So the Red Sox came in first place in the AL East, which caused Brian to lose a bet.  He was required to wear the ugliest shirt known to mankind, and he decided to inject his own brand of humor into it.  Everyone knows about the Curse of the Bambino, right?  He got looks like, "What kind of Red Sox fan wears a Ruth shirt?"  One guy even stopped him to ask!  Hysterical!
Monday, October 21
Now that the train table is downstairs, he's obsessed.
Tuesday, October 22
He said that he was going to pose for his school pictures just like this.  This is his Spiderman pose.
Wednesday, October 23
Finley's new room!  Really, I just moved Hudson downstairs to Wyatt's room, and made his room a little "girlier."  The plan is to move Reese upstairs at the beginning of the year, and to move Finley downstairs to her room.  But for now, this will do.  I don't feel like painting yet, and Reese is very specific in her request for a (light) purple room.
Thursday, October 24
Ummmm, apparently the puzzle that he wanted was at the very bottom....
Friday,  October 25
I have to wake her up to go pick up the kids from school...and I always like to take a minute just to watch her.  Sweet sleeping baby number 4.
Saturday, October 26
For the record, children sitting in the drawers of train tables is discouraged. 
Sunday, October 27
Reese filled up her jar of good deeds with puff balls, which meant she got to pick out something small at Target - not surprisingly, she picked Skittles.
Monday, October 28
Daddy cleaned the playroom and took out all the big kid toys and left only things for the little kids to play with downstairs (the big kids have their own playroom upstairs).  It's remarkable how much cleaner it is, and how much more organized it is!  So much easier for them to clean when they're done playing!

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