Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Color Me Rad

My mom and sister called a few weeks ago and asked if Reese and I wanted to run the Color Me Rad with them. If the race were held on any other Saturday we wouldn't have been able to participate, but Spring Break gave us a free weekend, and we decided to run!

Reesie loves my brother's dog, Charlie.
Before the race!

She enjoys running.  She doesn't have any stamina, so she would sprint and then walk. She is really fast though, so when she sprinted Katie and I would have to as well.  But the race course was packed, and there were four of us, so there wasn't a whole lot of actual running taking place anyway.
Of course, once we got about halfway through the race, she decided that she needed a break.  Aunt Katie to the rescue!
Brian surprised us at the finish line!  He mentioned that he might come see us finish the race, but it was cold, rainy, and super windy, so I wasn't sure that he would bring the other three kids out in it!  It cleared up a bit, so they made the trip.  Reesie and I were so excited to see our favorites cheering us on!
Thanks for inviting us Katie and Didi!

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