Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Officially" in Coach Pitch

Wyatt moved up to coach pitch in the fall, but now that the spring is here, he is officially in Pinto baseball!

The biggest difference between his experience in the fall and this spring season is that we now have umpires. Our biggest concern with Wyatt has always been that he has a bit of a temper. And his temper tends to show on the field.

We've been warning him about the fact that once umpires enter the equation, they have the power to punish him for unsportsmanlike behavior (i.e. his bottom is on the bench).  

This is the actual conversation that we had while we were doing homework on Wednesday:
"Hey Mom, are there going to be umpires that can throw me out of the game?"
"Well, I guess I need to change my attitude before we get there."
 Adding the Umpire made an amazing difference.  No bad attitude was detected (although he did try to fake Brian out once at second base by pretending to throw his hat on the ground).

He also singled twice and doubled once!
He does have a few things to work on this season - mostly his speed!  But these games are so fun to watch - they make great plays as a team, and they're really learning to be ball players.  Even better, he's on a really great team, so it's fun to root for everyone!

(And also, the coach is really cute!)

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