Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reese Takes the Field

Reese's first tee ball game was Tuesday night.

This was clearly something to dance about.
She was very excited.  I think that after sitting on the sidelines (or in the sandbox) for three years, she was excited to finally compete herself.
Her pink helmet made her a power hitter!  She had a few good hits. 

She's also a switch hitter.  I know that it sounds insane that I'm all like, "My 5 year old daughter is a switch hitter," but she actually is.  I think she's got a better handle on batting lefty because it's what she does naturally (even though she's actually right handed), but recently she picked up the bat and started hitting as a righty too!
Hanging out at second base.  Love her purple laces - she "had" to add them to make them a little girlier!
When she took the field in the second inning, she got to play second base.  She even managed to field a ground ball and tag second base for an out!
And that obviously earned her a high five from Daddy!
She had a great first game - we are so excited that she decided to try tee ball  this year!  I know she's having so much fun!

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