Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter: Egg Dying

The kids begged and begged to dye our Easter Eggs last week.

I may have used it as bribery to get them to clean.
Just saying.  It was Spring Break and it was a long, cold week.  My house was getting destroyed every day.

On Thursday I was satisfied with their cleaning efforts, and I was also running out of ways to keep them occupied that didn't involve being outside or spending any money.

I kind of love that Wyatt has misconstrued the meaning of "bunny ears." And also Hudson's smile here.
 These two are old pros at dying eggs.  But they prefer mixing everything up to make "rainbow eggs."
 This little guy prefers to let his eggs sit for a bit so they get darker.

 Working on their rainbow eggs.
 Everyone was obviously hard at work.

Of course, after the eggs were completed the boys decided that they didn't like them.  And then Reese proceeded to eat 8 of the 4 hours.  I guess that means she likes them.  But really, she likes everything!  

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