Monday, April 28, 2014

Tee Ball Girl

Reese is having a lot of  fun playing tee ball this year. The weather has really gotten in the way of practices and one or two games, but she is so excited on her game days!

She loves to run the bases - but this girl is fast!  It's hard to get her out - unless she hits the ball directly to first base.
 She is getting good at catching and learning where to make plays.  She tried her best to get this one.
 This picture of her taking off from home plate cracks. me. up.  Goodness gracious, is she ever intense about running the bases.
She got to be pitcher at her game last week, and she did an awesome job!  She even managed to get two outs!
Of course, how could you have a bad game when you've got the cutest cheering section ever?
 Even when they're being a little silly.  Or in Hudson's case, stuck in baby jail (yes, that's what we call the stroller for him).  Wyatt prefers to run off and play with his friends during Reese's games, and Hudson doesn't really tag along.  Reese and her friends actually play with Hudson, so he doesn't really run off during Wyatt's games!
 I can't believe how close we are to the end of baseball season - the extended winter weather, lots and lots of rain, and cancelled games have made for a slower season than usual!  Of course - it just means summer's on horizon.  I should probably start looking at camp schedules!

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