Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Reese's Spring Program

We had Spring Programs at school last week.  Reese and Hudson had their performances on different days, so we got to go twice!

Last year was bittersweet for Wyatt because it was his final time participating at preschool, and this year was Reese's final performance.  We think. We think.  We are really going back and forth constantly about what to do with her.  We LOVE their preschool, but we feel much more at peace with the idea of sending her to public Kindergarten than we did when we were making the decision about her big brother!  We know the public school now and we love it, so it's making the decision a little tougher.

This scatterbrained mom forgot to grab the SD card out of the computer before we left for school, so even though I had my Canon (and even got snap happy with it before I realized my mistake), all I've got to show for the day are iPhone pictures!

They sang their songs and then went back to class for their party.  They followed the party up with an Easter Egg Hunt!

And of course the Easter Bunny showed up to surprise them all!

I can't believe how big she's gotten since she started school three years ago - and she's learned so much!  I know she'll miss her preschool, but she is soooo excited to go to school with Wyatt again next year!

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