Friday, July 24, 2015

Backyard Baseball

Seeing one or two kids in the backyard playing baseball is not unusual around here.  But a few weeks ago everyone was outside playing together and I had to grab the camera!

She obviously takes baseball very seriously.
Wyatt is so great at teaching Finley to play baseball.  He has a lot of fun with her, and she loves him so much,
He always gives her great instructions and encouragement.
Brian asked her to throw him the ball.  And she walked it all the way across the yard to him, instead.
And then cracked us all up when she just walked away like it was nothing.
Hudson took a time out from the game to climb the deck.  He looks a little afraid, but there is no fear in this kid.  
One second they're catching, the next second they're hugging.
Hudson has the. BEST. facial expressions.  He is just full of enthusiasm for everything!
He loves to play baseball with his Daddy and his brother and sisters.
We gave this girl a helmet and a bat.  Look out everyone!
She steps up to the plate.  No tee!  She wanted to be pitched to.
Running the bases is obviously more fun with the bat.  Not as safe, but more fun.
Especially when you have a bunch of kids chasing after you.
I love the looks on their faces here!  Everyone is celebrating FQB's hit!
A little more instructional time with her big brother.
She clearly had something smart to say to him!  Ha!

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