Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wyatt at the Tides Clinic

Wyatt had so much fun last summer at the Norfolk Tides clinic, and we decided to sign both of the big kids up for the clinic this summer.  Brian took about 80 million pictures, so I figured I would split the pictures up between the two kids!  Ha!

Wyatt ended up in a group with his cousin, and he had the best time!  Here they are talking baseball like a couple of pros.
They got to practice fielding with the players.

Gunning it!
Wyatt explains this story better than I can, but to get this ball he backed up and then ran forward, and ended up making a diving catch to get it.

He said that once he stood up and threw the ball back the player hummed the ESPN jingle at him.  He said that he was pretty sure he would have made the highlights if it was real baseball.  Ha!
 In this drill that had to practice flipping the ball to the player at second.
Got it!
By far the highlight for this boy was going to the batting cages.  They are under the bleachers, so he thought that he was big time!  Ha!

The Tides are the Triple A affiliate for the Orioles, and the players are so good with the kids!  I think that the kids really love the combination of meeting "real" baseball players and being able to experience the "behind the scenes" lifestyle of the ballpark.  It really is just a great experience!

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