Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wyatt's School Year Wrap Up

Wyatt is done with Second Grade! It was an interesting year, and he learned a lot, but I'm pretty sure that he is thrilled that it's over.

His class had field day the same week as Reese, so Brian and I juggled getting to both.  I was able to make it to Wyatt's for a little bit before I had to pick Reese and Hudson up from school.

With the exception of the pink shirt (his class voted on class shirt color and he said three boys were traitors - ha!) - he had a lot of fun.  It helped that they were able to wear their hats to school.

Finley tagged along to watch him play with his friends, and she got her own snow cone at the snow cone station.

I'm pretty sure that the snow cone station is second only to the Gaga Ball station.

The last day of school was a little difficult!  He's moving on next year to the Intermediate school!  He and Reese were only together this year, and they won't be back in the same school until they're in third and fifth grades!

Last day of Primary School!    Here he comes third grade!

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