Friday, July 17, 2015

All Star Weekend One

Brian and I spent lots of time debating whether Wyatt would play All Stars this year.  He had a blast last year, but he had just finished playing rec ball and soccer, and he still had some Select games and practices left. We were worried about how it would fit with his schedule, about whether he would get burned out on baseball, if it was just too much.  Brian leaned towards not playing, I was more of a yes, and Wyatt was pretty undecided.  

On the last long Saturday of the spring season, with two baseball games in the morning, a soccer game at 3:45, and an incredibly hot day coming to an end...Wyatt decided he wanted to try out.  We were literally leaving soccer and worried that he was burnt out from the day, tryouts had already started, and he said, "Yeah, I want to do it."  And his mind was made up.  It was a little stressful for us, but he went to tryouts and hit the crud out of the ball (is that something that only we say when someone hits well?  I don't know.  I think most people say "crap," but we say "crud."  Weird.  Anywho...).  I watched from the parking lot (the other kids fell asleep on the way there), and I was shocked at how well he hit the ball.  And he made the team!

The team spent about two weeks practicing, and they were ready to play in their first tournament.

Wyatt played third base almost every inning (he also played third a lot for his Select team).  I missed the first day because I was in Washington seeing Newsies, but I was able to make their Sunday game!

I've got say, this was a fun game to watch.  Not because they won (they did!), but because Wyatt was SO happy the entire game.  He usually gets a little swept up in the bad and the good, but this was just fun!

It's entertaining to watch them on the fence cheering for their teammates!

See that smile!  I told him that he was feeling the joy that day!  Ha!

....And he hit a triple!

It was a great game (please ignore the fact that my legs are the same color as my shorts!).
They ended up losing the following day, and I think that meant a fourth place finish.  But they were ready to play again the next weekend!

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