Sunday, July 12, 2015

June Little Things

I know we're almost halfway through July (HOW?), but now seems as good of a time as any to update what happened around here in June!

Jete-Jete is everyone's best buddy, but he and Hudson have a special bond. 
This project was due the last week of school. And let's just say that somehow the project sheet never made it home.  And I found out about it the night before it was due.  I make a really excellent diorama, don't I?
Brian and I went to see Billy Joel.  We bought tickets months ago, and we were both excited.  But traffic was terrible and I was worried we were going to miss a lot - fortunately there was an opening act and we didn't miss a thing!
Hudson has developed a love for sushi...out of nowhere.  Every time that Brian and I get sushi he says, "Mmmmm sushi!  Did you get me some sush?"  Yes, he says, sush, and it's kind of adorable.
Jeter was pretty happy with his tennis ball.  This was just days before his surgery, poor guy.
The last week of school was really busy with Field Days, All Star practices, regular end of the school year shenanigans, and Wyatt had soccer tryouts.  We spent an evening there watching him tryout, and she looked so big when we were leaving.  I can't believe she'll be starting school in the Fall!
Every one was pretty excited to pick Jeter up from the Vet after his surgery.  We initially thought that he would be staying the night, but they were worried about how he woud do in there alone.  So he came home with us!  It was definitely a juggling act with him and the kids (his surgery was on the last day of school!), but they were very helpful and his recovery went well!
My Aunt Kathleen took a big group of us to see Newsies in DC.  As a lifelong Newsies fan (well, since 1992!), I was so excited to see it on stage!  We took White House Pictures, hung out and drank coffee, had a great brunch and then went to the show!  It was fantastic!
For some unknown reason, my children know who Jimmy Fallon is (they don't watch The Tonight Show).  So when they saw that Jimmy Fallon had a book, they stopped to read it.  In the middle of Target.  Brian found a comfy seat, and they all settled in for a story!
Based on my attire, it would appear as if we'd just gotten home from a baseball game!  I'm basically a pro at "quick baths" and getting them to bed after a late game!
Swim lessons started!  These four were ready to get in the pool.  I can't believe how excited Finley was to learn to swim!
She's very opinionated, this little one!
Reese spent the day with my mom and dad at their camper, and Mason and Camden were spending the day with them, too.  Finley really enjoyed cuddling with her little cousin for a bit!
My mom and Katie took her shopping.  And she came back all teenager-ish! STOP!

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