Saturday, July 25, 2015

Our 4th

We had a really fun Fourth of July this year.  We usually hang out at home and don't really do much. Logistically it can be difficult with me and all four kids alone, and the Fourth is typically a pretty busy day for Brian at work!

My parents bought a camper in November, and they've been setting up camp at a local campground that is right on the water.  They were going to be at the campground on the Fourth, so the kids and I decided to join them for a fun day!

Here they are in their Red, White & Blue before we left the house.

The boys started fishing almost as soon as we got there.  Hudson really got the hang of casting the line.
Wyatt has fished before, but Pop Pop is a really good teacher.  
He's also really good to have around when a fire truck comes through the campground :).  Finley hopped up in the truck.  She was wet from the bounce house water slide, so she left the seat a little wet.
Hudson had to hop up in the truck too.  He was a little more comfortable behind the wheel.
We spent the morning walking to the bouncey slide, letting them slide (I still can't believe that Finley did it!), having lunch, and then scootering around and fishing.

Then we went over to the pool for a little bit.  Hudson was much more content to stay at the bouncey slide than swim in the pool, but he eventually made it over.
We went back to the camper for more fishing and showers.
I dressed the girls and Hudson back up in their Red, White & Blue for the next big event of the day....
The Hayride around the campground!  Wyatt wanted to stay back and fish, but these three were excited.  But they were also tired.

Celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence!  I also make them answer random historical trivia questions on the Fourth because I'm a "Cool Mom,"
Once we were home I put Finley to bed, and then we went outside to watch some fireworks that our neighbor picked up in South Carolina.  Because that's where all the good fireworks are!
And after an incredibly long day, this guy fell asleep watching "Pride of the Yankees" with Jeter. And he loved it!  He's already asked me if he can watch it again!  My kids love to watch Andy Griffith and Leave it to Beaver, so I'm not too surprised.  And Gehrig was on our baby name list.  Ha!
All in all, it was a really great day!  Thanks for having us at the campsite Didi and Pop Pop!

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