Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Help! Reese and I are Trapped in a House Full of Dorks Comic Book Fans!

On Saturday we were out and about, and Brian suddenly realized it was free comic book day. That's right. Free comic book day. I am madly in love with my husband...but he likes comic books. And he's a grown up. Now over the years, he has lost interest in this hobby, but he still has a few that he likes to get and read. So he goes and gets them. In this house, we don't ask questions about how much comic books cost, or how much it costs for me to get my hair done :).

Anywho, free comic book day is a fantastic event where people go and get (you guessed it) free comic books. Since Brian can't get out of the car without Wyatt whining, he decided they would go in together. I used to go to the comic book store with Brian...but then we got married and I got out of it. I'm sure it was nice for him to have someone to go with. Even if his companion is two and can't keep his hands off of everything in sight!

Because the new Wolverine movie came out last weekend, they were giving out wolverine foam finger things. I can't really explain them, so look at the pictures. The boys had a great time!

Battling with their foam blades
I think Daddy got Wyatt
Wyatt's first trip to the Comic book store.

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