Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Weekend

Now that Brian is in full summer mode at work, the kids and I are flying solo on the weekends. I've always been able to figure out fun things to do, but with two kids I sometimes lack the energy that's required to get them out of the house! I always keep my diaper bag stocked and ready to go, that way if we're leaving I just have to throw my wallet and phone in and I'm ready to walk out. It's just getting one kid's diaper changed, then the other, then loaded in the car....sometimes I just don't have the motivation to leave!

Friday afternoon we went to the park after naps. Wyatt is obsessed with the swing. My mom took him on Thursday and he stayed on it for an hour. The only reason he got off was because she told him that the swing was tired! He didn't stay on the swing quite as long on Friday, but he did have a lot of fun. When Brian got home we went to Red Robin and then went on a walk. Wyatt loves him some Red Robin. He gets giddy as soon as we walk in and stays that way until we leave. He loves their grilled cheese!

Saturday we went to WalMart early. If I'm not in there first thing, then I go out of my mind. It wasn't too bad, and we got what we needed pretty quickly. The only sad thing is that it's still May and I've already had my fill of tourist drivers. If one more cuts me off I am going to scream! After naps we went to an early dinner with my mom and sister. Then we went shopping and for ice cream at Handel's. Wyatt loved his ice cream, but he was a mess!

We spent most of today hanging out at the house, but did run to Toys R' Us after naps. They just turned our Toys R' Us into a joint Babies R' Us store, and I had coupons and Reese needed some pajamas. I got her some really cute clothes. Wyatt got a ball. Seriously, I've never seen a kid happier with a toy that costs $1.50. Pete and Shannon and Tyler came over for a playdate after Brian got home and the boys had a blast playing together. They ran around inside, tackled each other, dumped all of the toy bins out, and went outside to play on Wyatt's slide. I think next week we'll be going over their house....
Hanging out in their swings Wyatt swinging
Reese swinging. She got a little sunblock in her eyes and it sent her into full allergy mode. Fortunately it only lasted for about an hour or two!
Reese and Tyler playing with trains
The boys winding down watching some Caillou.

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  1. Oh man, I used to love swinging. My mom got swinger's elbow from pushing me for so many hours! Parks are the BEST!