Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"The House That Ruth Built"

Wyatt has a little board book about the New York Yankees. He's been looking through it a lot lately, and he loves to point out all the different equipment and the bases. Tonight we were reading it before bed and he stopped on the picture of Yankee Stadium. I told him "Wyatt, that's Yankee Stadium. It's called the House that Ruth Built." He looked up at me and said "It's the House that Ruth built Momma? House Ruth built?" I nodded and kept reading.

I don't have the heart to tell him that because the Yankees tend to be slightly greedy, they've torn down a true monument to baseball to sell more luxury boxes. But I digress.

We kept flipping through the book until we got the page with all the Yankees players with retired numbers. I pointed to the center of the page and told him that it was Babe Ruth. He looked at all of the players and pointed back and said "Look Momma, there's Babe Ruth! Look, there he is!"

We finished that book and moved onto the second, and then Brian came in. Wyatt grabbed his Yankees book and walked over to Brian and opened it up to the page with Yankee Stadium and said "Look Daddy! Look at the House that Ruth built!" Then he flipped a few pages back and said "And there's Babe Ruth Daddy!" Brian smiled at him and pointed next to Babe Ruth and said "Yep, and that's Mickey Mantle." Wyatt pointed and said "Mickey Mantle holding his bat Daddy? Mickey Mantle gonna hit the ball?"

I couldn't tell who was happier: Wyatt because he loves baseball, or Brian because he's just so happy that Wyatt loves it too.

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