Friday, May 1, 2009

Wyatt's Trip to the Movies

Last Sunday Brian and I decided to try taking Wyatt to the movies. We were pretty sure he wasn't going to make it through the whole movie, but we wanted to see how he would do. Actually, I could have waited, but Brian is obsessed with movies and couldn't wait to take Wyatt with us. We decided to take him to see Disney's Earth because he loves animals. He recognizes every single animal, can tell us what they all say, helps his Mommy and Daddy animals take care of the baby animals...obsessed.

We thought he would be okay because he was great during the previews, but as soon as the animals came on it was "Look Daddy, look at the polar bears." Then he said "Aw, look at the baby polar bears eating." And on and on and on. I would have loved to stay with him because he was loving it, but we were getting some dirty looks. We decided to leave (at this point it had been 10 minutes), and went to the desk to see if maybe we could just get tickets for a different day and to find out when the best time to bring him would be. They actually refunded our money completely and said we could bring him back any weekday morning and he wouldn't be a bother. I'm still excited to take him to see it. And I'm excited for it to come out on DVD.

Since the movie was a bust, Brian and I decided to go to the Home Depot to get some things for our new garden. It's crazy how easy anything is with just one child. It was a breeze. Since we wanted Wyatt to still get in some quality Mommy/Daddy time we took him to Red Robin for dinner. He loves that place so much. Anywhere that he can go and get a grilled cheese and a balloon is heaven!

Walking to the movies with Daddy
Waiting for our tickets
Giving the ticket stub to the ticket stub taker

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