Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day yesterday was awesome. I was planning on sleeping in....but Reese had her own opinion about that. She didn't wake up until about 6:45, but I was aiming for 8. Brian said that he would get up with her, but I didn't want to waste pumped milk when I could feed her. Plus I was already awake, so I got up. Wyatt gave me my flowers and cards, and then I got to take a nap on the couch from 8 to 9!

The Mother's Day after Wyatt was born Brian put a video together of pictures of his first few weeks. He had music in the background, and it was just a perfect Mother's Day gift. He spent a lot of time on it, and it meant everything to me to see how big my little baby was in 6 short weeks. I still cry when I watch it.

He gave me another video yesterday, but this one was of Reese. We've both talked at length about our feelings involving her stay in the NICU. That experience is a part of her story, and if we eliminate pictures of her time in there, then we eliminate the first 11 days of her life! So the video included pictures of her on her machines, up to 4 months. If Brian had tried to put pictures after that on there, the video would have been 20 minutes long! I loved it! Wyatt was not so thrilled with the beginning. He started crying every time he saw Reese hooked up to something. Once we were past her in the hospital he was fine, but he was literally flipping out during the other pictures. Brian put Taylor Swift's song Best Day at the end of the video, and since I've loved that song since I heard it on the the CD, it was the perfect ending!

I got to take a nice, long shower and then we went to Brian's parents' house for the day. Wyatt had a great time playing with Colin, and Reese took a nice long nap in her swing. Wyatt also picked up a new word - several. Mimi told him yesterday that she brought him several balls to play with. He immediately repeated the word, and then stored it in his brain until this afternoon when I put him down for a nap. We walked in his room and he walked over to the drawer where I store his sheets. He pulled a few out and said "Mama gonna put seberal sheets on Wyatt's bed?" Um, no.

The plan was to stop at Handel's on the way home to get some ice cream. I love Handel's, but haven't been there since the night before Reese was born. It's been 8 and a half long months. Unfortunately, Wyatt fell asleep in the car and I didn't want to wake him. Plus our lawn was in desperate need of mowing. So we stopped for Vanilla frosty floats at Wendy's and came home and put Wyatt to bed at 6:15. Reese and I hung out while Brian mowed the lawn, and then Brian and I spent the night watching The Amazing Race while I drank some of my leftover batch of Sangria from April's (my brother's fiancee) Bridal Shower. I had an absolutely perfect day, and I hope all you other Mothers out there did too!

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