Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jockey's Ridge (400th Post)!

Today was a pretty big day for us. We all traveled to the Outer Banks for Piper's first birthday party. I can't believe it's been a year since she was born! Anyway, we all traveled. The Waterpark opened today, and for the first time in seventeen years, Brian wasn't there. He decided that it was important for him to go to Piper's birthday party. I can't even describe what a big thing that's huge!

Anyway, we got down there about an hour and a half before Piper's party, so we decided to go to Jockey's Ridge. Wyatt was super stoked to be there. He had a great time running around with Daddy, going up hills, and watching the hang gliders. The boys literally ran all over the place. Reese and I didn't even try to keep up! She did have a lot of fun playing in the sand, but I had to stop her from eating it!

After Jockey's Ridge we went to Piper's party, and the kids had a great time hanging out with their cousins. There were lots of little baby girls there, so Reese hung out on the floor with them while Wyatt and Brian were causing trouble in the playroom. Piper's party was Ladybug themed, and Allison gave jars of live ladybugs away as favors. Ours kept trying to escape, so Wyatt and I released them when we got home. He had a great time watching them climb on the grass and fly away!
Wyatt and Daddy walking on the beach
It looked like it was going to rain, but it didn't. Awesome view of the dunes though.
Reese and I!
Wyatt and Daddy climbing up the dunes
They made it to the top! Wyatt was shouting "I did it!"
She had fun...I promise...
Hang gliders

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  1. I used to eat sand all the time too when I was a kid. What cuties!