Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Trip to Water Country!

We went to Water Country again this morning. We got there right when they opened and stayed until about 1. The timing today was perfect. We didn't have to worry about buying lunch there, and we fit everything in. Wyatt wasn't as easygoing today as he has been in the past, we heard a lot of "no's." As in, "no big slide, no stroller, no hubba hubba highway." That always makes for a fun day!

After we coaxed him into doing all of his favorite things he really enjoyed himself. He and Brian floated around the Hubba Hubba Highway for half an hour. Brian didn't believe me when I told them how long they'd been gone!

Reese had a great time walking in the water and splashing. She's becoming much more active now than ever before. She doesn't want to sit in her stroller all the time anymore, she wants to be out and playing. I can't wait until next summer when we can all be playing together!

After naps we went to Toys R' Us to get more covers for the doorknobs. Wyatt has learned how to open all the doors in the house now, specifically his bedroom door. He's still stuck in baby jail so he's not actually going to get out of the crib, but it's best to be safe! We also drive through a few neighborhoods closer to our current home to take a look. Wyatt wasn't too thrilled with that idea. All we heard from the backseat was "No houses! No houses!" Then we finally ordered the new storm door for the house. Once we get the house pressure washed and everything planted, with the addition of the new storm door the house will look great! I am sooooo ready to put this place on the market!

Wyatt and I riding down a slide
Reese walking through the water
Wyatt and I
Wyatt "swimming"
Reese's feet! How cute (and pudgy) are those little feet?

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