Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie!

Yesterday was Katie's 15th birthday! The kids and I went to the mall first thing to get her a gift card for Hollister. Let me tell you this: I will never go in that store again. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I hated it. It stinks. It's too dark. And I'm pretty sure they don't want Moms or handicapped people in there anyway. They have stairs that lead up to the front of the shop, and the handicap door (which Moms with strollers also have to use) was nearly impossible to find!

After Hollister we went to Gymboree. They were having a 30% off sale, so I got Reese some really cute outfits for the fall and winter. I looked in her closet last week and realized I'm poorly prepared to take her into the colder months. So I took advantage of the sale. I love Gymboree clothes for Reese, but I'm not a big fan of them for Wyatt. I like him in shorts or jeans with little Coastal Edge shirts and stuff. I would never dream of putting him in little rompers or anything. Brian never would have let it happen to begin with!

We came home so the kids could nap and then we went to my parents house for dinner. Wyatt woke up from his nap and said "Hi Mommy! I love cupcakes!" My dad made yummy lasagna and we had ice cream cake. Wyatt wanted to blow out Katie's candles, so we let him have a turn. He was going to stay and have a sleepover at my parents' house, but at the last minute he chickened out and decided to come home with me.

Brian got home about the same time that we did and we hung a bit before bed. Reese is getting so good at walking around lately! She even joins in when the boys go on chases through the house. She usually lags way behind, but she really loves it.

After bedtime last night I started working on Reese's homemade birthday banner for her party. It's looking pretty cute so far, but it's only about 1/3 done, so we'll have to see. I'll show you the pictures later!
Reese loves garlic bread!
And lasagna! But she also loves sharing her food with the dogs!
Lighting Katie's candles
Trying to help Katie blow out her candles. After this we re-lit them so Wyatt could have a turn!

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