Monday, August 31, 2009

Our "Weekend"

This week was Brian's last Sunday-Monday "weekend." He'll work through Labor Day next week, and the following weekend is the last weekend that the park is open. We are super excited to have Daddy around for 3 days weekends soon!

Sunday was a pretty laid back day. Brian had some yard work to do (okay, 5 hours of yard work to do), and then he had to clean the pool. I spent the day going through clothes and packing. We have so much stuff, and I can easily get rid of some of it. Especially my stuff. I'm not saying that I'm a fashionista, but I used to spend a pretty significant amount of money buying clothes. And now most of them don't fit. And if they did fit, I probably wouldn't wear them anyway (I mean, they're old, out of style clothes).

But I can't get rid of the kids stuff yet. We're planning to have more kids, and we'll want the clothes for future babies. At least, theoretically we will. I have a feeling that our future kids will end up wearing more new clothes than recycled clothes, but I'm hanging on to them anyway. And I'd also really like to have a quilt made for each kid out of their baby clothes. And there are some little dresses that Reese has that I think would be adorable for her to save and put on her little girl one day. Even if it's just to compare pictures. But I have taken all that stuff and moved it to storage. Or packed it to move to storage anyway.

On Sunday we went out for ice cream at Handel's. We decided we would celebrate the fact that it had been a year since Reese was able to breathe on her own, and the fact that it had been a year since we'd held her. Wyatt had a blast, and Reese loves some ice cream!

He is so funny eating his own ice cream cone!
Brian and the kids
She tired here, but her eyes are so blue!

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