Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Aquarium!

On Sunday Morning we went to the Virginia Aquarium. It was super hot and muggy and there was absolutely nothing that we wanted to do outside. We had to renew our membership, but it was well worth it to be able to enjoy the fish in a nice, cool environment!

Wyatt had a lot of fun. My mom took him there about two months ago, and as soon as we told him where we were going he said "We're going to see the sea turtles, and the sting rays, and the sharks!" He was so excited to go, but once we got there we had a small problem. Wyatt is apparently afraid of the Sting Rays and won't touch them. You can see how sketched out he is by them. But it's not like he hasn't been exposed to them before.

Like when we went snorkeling on our honeymoon (Okay, he wasn't actually alive then).

Or when we went to Sea World in 2007!

Or when we went to Sea World in November! He loved the sting rays!

He had a great time running around and checking everything out! There were lots of buttons to press, and I even took the opportunity to show him a Leatherback Sea Turtle and its nest because he LOVES that episode of Diego.

We walked the nature trail (read: sweltering inferno) back to where we parked the car next to the Waterpark. We stopped and looked at "Daddy's work" off in the distance and watched a few boats pass by.
Looking at Daddy's work in the distance
This is one of Wyatt's new patented dance moves.
Me and the kids!

The rest of our day wasn't too exciting. We went to the Home Depot to order new shingles for the roof. We went to Red Robin for dinner. We came home and watched the Yankees sweep the Red Sox! Okay, that part was exciting! We pretty much stayed in all weekend to watch the games! Brian even stayed up to watch the entire game on Friday night that went 15 innings. The only game we missed was Saturday's because we went to see Pete and Shannon and their new baby girl Audrey at the hospital, and then went out to dinner! And even then we listened to the game on Brian's iPhone (in the car, it was over by dinner)!

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  1. Hi! We're stationed in VA beach too and I was going to get excited but it looks like you guys are moving elsewhere now?!