Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last year at this time we were obviously going through a pretty tough time. I'd been released from the hospital, and we'd left Reese there in the NICU.

But while we were completely down, we were also thankful that our friends and family recognized that we wanted to laugh a little too and be normal. My brother let me know how disgusting he thought the whole "pumping" process was (especially when I did it at my parents house!). Our friends came and visited us and told us jokes. And when Brian went back to work after taking 4 days off (during the summer! While the park was open!), he found his office a little rearranged....

Brian's Mickey Mantle photo replaced with a picture of some Phillies player.
Dave's face covering Brian's....
Oh! Look who's name is on the door.
The Yankees trash can replaces by a "Phillies" logo.
And Dave sitting at Brian's desk.
Brian called me laughing hysterically after he saw this, and I have to admit it was pretty funny. Even though Dave broke a cardinal rule and touched Brian's stuff. And went in Brian's office. And it looks pretty clean, so Dave probably did that too.
Fortunately for Dave, he didn't touch anything Star Wars related, and he kept his hands off of Noelle's stuff....

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