Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reese's Birthday!

We all had a really fun time yesterday. We watched the Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout to see if Reese's birthday card made it on, but it didn't. We figure they'd rather put up pictures of kids who actually KNOW that they're on TV...putting her card on would just be for us!

Brian went to work for his morning meeting and then came back home so that he would be here at 10:07. He went back to work soon after, and the kids and I hung out and played until naptime. After naps we loaded up in the car and went to pick Daddy up from work so that we could go to NICU. A lot of really special people took care of her there and we will always be grateful that they cared about her so much, and that they wanted her to get better just as much as we did!

Like Kari (who admitted her), Nicky (who took care of her almost every day), and Fallon (who also took care of her a few times).
And Ethel, who was with her most nights!

None of her "main nurses" were there yesterday, but we still took them some yummy cookies and a thank you card with a picture of Reese. They told us Ethel would be there last night, so I hope they saved her some cookies!
With Mommy in front of the NICU
And here she is with Daddy!

After we went to NICU we took Brian back to work and we came home. Once Brian came home we all went to "the Big Red Robin" for dinner. The restaurant has received some pretty rave reviews from a promising (picky) young eater. A few of his quotes are "Grilled cheese! Mommy I love it!," and "Mmm mmm mmm's perfect!"
Brian's parents came over for presents and cake (my parents were partying hard at the Kenny Loggins concert. My brothers and sister and I gave my Dad tickets for Father's Day). Reese had a lot of fun opening her presents and eating cake. I was exhausted by this point in the day! And I promise you, because I've been asked multiple times, I am NOT pregnant again :)!
Reese loves her Strawberry Shortcake doll. And I think that might be her Halloween costume...
Brian and I roamed Toys R Us for awhile trying to find the perfect present for her. It's harder for us to find her presents for a couple reasons.
1. We have a lot of toys already
2. We have a better idea now of the right things to buy for her age
3. We wanted to get her something she would love.
And she LOVES this little laptop. I had something else in my hands, but when I saw this, I knew it was for her. She loves anything with buttons!
Wyatt singing Happy Birthday and Reese clapping along!
"This cake is so chocolatey! I need milk Mama!"
She eats very properly, spoon and all
Sharing her cake with Daddy!

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