Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ice Cream Man!

So "Unca T" is working on our roof this week. Last night after he was finished, the ice cream man came around the neighborhood and he took Wyatt out to pick out some ice cream. Since it was Wyatt's first time getting ice cream off the truck, I had to take pictures!

Wyatt and Uncle T picking out what he wants
Wyatt was really excited....
And he settled on the Rocket Pop, which is what Brian liked the most when he was little. Apparently they're two peas in a pod!
And this is the final product. I could not get that blue off! He looked like a Smurf!
Colin's also come over and played with the kids two of the three days and they love it! Wyatt really loves his big cousin, and Colin is so good and sweet with Reese. He's obviously had a lot of practice with Piper, but I think it's funny sometimes to see Colin and Reese playing together while Wyatt is off by himself!
On a TV note, I was so excited to watch Flipping Out the other night. I love it! I was able to watch the Top Chef Masters Finale last night, but I didn't get around to watching Top Chef Vegas. Boo to Rick Bayless winning! I was really pulling for Hubert Keller or Michael Chiarello. I am super stoked for Project Runway tonight! I love that show!

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