Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Crazy, Chaotic Moving Stuff

So the reason for the lack of posts since last Wednesday is just shear craziness involving the move. Brian and I knew that the painter was going to come last week, but we weren't entirely sure which day he was starting, or where he was starting. He came on Thursday morning to get started, and they ended up prepping all three rooms the first day (there was dust, paint and things covered everywhere). While I was at work I got a phone call that the kids needed to get out of the house and organized where they would go until I was done with work.

After work both days I picked the kids up and took them to my parents house. It was gross so we couldn't go out and play, but we had family in town and they loved hanging out there. Wyatt especially had a great time with my little cousin Madison.

Fortunately, all the painting is done. The kitchen, foyer, dining room (which is our playroom), and the spare bedroom were all painted. We went with neutral colors in all the rooms except the kitchen which is green. It's the same color as before, but it needed some touching up. We could have gone neutral in there as well, but the green looks really great with the tile. Plus, it's the only room downstairs that isn't off white.

The fence and the cement were also pressure washed, and the difference is amazing. They're coming back out this week to pressure wash the front of the house and the front fence, and paint the front door. I think it's going to be awesome. T is going to come and start our roof tomorrow, and we have our new storm door coming as well. I'll post pictures of everything later on this week.

I'm going to pick up boxes today and we'll hopefully get everything in storage this week so we can get this house on the market. I am so excited to sell this place and find our new home it's ridiculous. McMommy's post on backyard independence totally hit home the other day. I want to find a place where my kids can run around and have fun, not a place where I have to worry about extra door locks and pools. I really like this house, it's just not conducive to us as a family, but I know we'll find just the right place!

And on a side note...I am so stoked that Flipping Out and Project Runway start this week. I LOVE Jeff Lewis and all his OCD ways, and I have been having Project Runway withdrawals since last season ended!

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