Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

So this encompasses a little more than just this weekend...but it is mostly about this weekend!

This is Wyatt's new favorite thing to do. He pulls all of the pillows off of the couch, grabs "Daddy's boo" (Brian's blanket), and then lays down on the floor. Sometimes he watches TV, but when the TV is off he still grabs his toys and plays with them under the blankets!
Wyatt likes to read "Fish Kisses" to Reese. He just tells her how all the animals give kisses. She loves the book so much that I've incorporated it into her bedtime routine. If she's fussy before I read her story, I ask her how she wants to say goodnight and we go through all the different kisses. She thinks it's funny and calms down, and then she goes to bed wonderfully!
A little baby mohawk action

On Saturday our realtor was having a company barbecue (catered by Beach Bully - yum), and we decided to go. Wyatt had a lot of fun playing and checking out all of the cool things for him to play with.
This is them in the car "being friends." Whenever they hold hands Wyatt shouts "look Mommy, we're friends! Me and Reesie are friends!"
Wyatt LOVED checking out the ambulance.
There was also an exhibition by the Chesapeake K9 officers showing is some of the cool things the dogs can do. Both kids really loved that! Reese has been taking more and more to dogs lately and she loves to watch them.
Brian and Wyatt got to go down a huge bouncy slide.
Wyatt went through this maze all by himself (with Daddy's help of course)!
Wyatt did a great job trying to climb up the steps, but he wasn't quite able to make it! He still had a blast!

And best of all, there was popcorn and caramel apples! Wyatt loves to snack on some popcorn.
In other news, our house sold and is set to close on November 16, three weeks from today! I am frantically (but methodically and with organization), packing up our stuff. It's stressful, especially since we don't know where we're moving yet! We've narrowed down our choices and I think we're getting closer to our decision, but there would still be a lapse in time between closings! I know it will all work out, and we're really excited about finding a place with a big backyard (and more space!).
We still need to get a few things for Wyatt's Halloween costume, but Reese is set. We're excited to take them Trick or Treating in my parents' neighborhood again this year. I know they (but especially Wyatt) will have a great time! Last year he had fun, but he "gets it" more this year, which should be great
Between Halloween and a few other gatherings, we have a lot of things jammed into the next two weekends, which should make for some interesting times. I'm still borrowing my sister's computer, so I might get to update, but we were told to expect our computer back sometime on the next week. We'll have to see about that....

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  1. Love the pics! I am so diggin the mohawk! LOVE it! As far as my necklace goes, B does occasionally attempt to snag it from me, but I just won't let him! ha!