Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In a Toddler Bed....Finally!

Wyatt has probably been ready to make the switch to a big boy bed for awhile now, but Brian and I weren't! With two kids we treasure our sleep time, and with this crib tent he stayed in his crib in the morning and entertained himself. Typically this resulted in nice conversations with his BFF Monkey. We purchased the tent last November after we learned he knew how to escape the crib. It obviously helped us with getting extra sleep (if he wakes up at 6 and your newborn had her last feeding at 5, isn't nice to know that your kid is happily talking to his Monkey in the crib?), but we also had concerns about him making his way downstairs once he crawled out of bed (which is no longer a concern at the new house). This kid has been able to barrel through baby gates since he was less than a year old!

So after a lot of conversation, and finally the destruction of the crib tent by Wyatt (who readily admits that he was trying to get out of there), we decided that he could finally make the switch. Wyatt was very excited to be able to "help" his Daddy put the tent together!
Brian actually did let him help with a few things, and I know that Wyatt had a blast reading the instructions and helping to put a few bolts in the crib.

He was incredibly excited to go to sleep in his new bed on Sunday which made us very happy. I am not kidding you when I say that he is scheduled to the point of being ridiculous. He needs the fan on, his nightlight on, his animals and blankets arranged a certain way...he's basically just nuts! I was nervous that he was going to start missing his crib tent or something.
Brian had a talk with him about not getting out of bed without Mommy or Daddy's permission, and he said he understood. And did he ever! At 5:30 I answered a call because "Noelley fell out of bed." And by "fell out of bed" he meant she was about 3 inches from the bed!
His nap times have been going smoothly (I leave books out for him to read if he wakes up before his nap time/quiet time is over), and even if he comes out, he understands that he needs to go back until I get him. I actually like this time because he has nothing to do but read his books (we don't really keep toys in his room), and he really seems to enjoy it!

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