Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, Sunday!

Yesterday was a fantastic day for quite a few reasons. No, I didn't get to sleep in. All weekend. On Friday I woke up with the kids at 7:15. Brian's day was Saturday. He got up with the kids at 7. But he didn't turn any monitors off. And he left the bedroom door wide open. So I got up. I decided I would commandeer Sunday since I didn't get to sleep in on Saturday. And you know what happened? The exact same thing.

After all that torture, my husband decided that we could skip the Wal Mart run and just buy what we needed at Target. YES! I got all the big stuff last week, but we were still in need of the "essentials," and in case you don't already know this about me: I hate Wal Mart. So I got a trip to Target without going to Wal Mart first. Score!

The kids have been pretty obsessed with reading in the car lately, which I (and really probably any parent) love. They ask to read books as soon as they get in, and can stay content for awhile just looking through their books. Reese's new favorite book is New York Yankees 101.
When we go shopping, the boys usually go off and do their own thing in the toy section while Reese and I do the actual shopping. When we caught up with them yesterday they were trying on masks and playing with light sabers.
Reese stays with me because she gets a little um, grumpy when she doesn't get what she wants. Taking her to the toy section is currently a no no. We did need to get her some new shoes, and she was in heaven. I put them on her feet and she shouted "Cute!" Then she refused to take the new ones off. So this is how she walked through the store.
For whatever reason she is equally obsessed with trying on baseball helmets and gloves. She asks about the helmets as soon as we walk in the store. I'm pretty sure Brian will give in and buy her one at some point. Hopefully not now because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be able to stand.
When we got home the boys had a picnic on the deck. Peanut butter and jelly, pretzels and milk. Yum!
When the kids were up from their naps we went outside to play while Brian worked on clearing out the garage. Every kid in our court was out, and we had a great time. Every family has at least 2 kids, and they range in ages from 16 months to 10 years. The younger kids make up the majority though, and we are lucky enough to have a family with a boy about 6 months younger than Wyatt and a girl 2 months younger than Reese right next door! All the kids played in the court and shared all their toys. I was astounded when two kids went to Wyatt's Jeep and jumped in and he was okay with it. He just walked over to their trike and jumped on. It was great.
Days like yesterday are fantastic because we had a blast, and they're really great reminders of why we moved. There are going to be days that we miss the pool (for sure). And there are days that I wish I was closer to work. But we have a back yard. We have neighbors we like who are respectful of one another (even if a few happen to be Red Sox fans). We don't wake up to someone's bass blaring at 6 am every day (a train is way more acceptable, and it's only that early like, every 2 weeks). We have a train that runs behind our house (but not right behind it). And our kids love it. And we do too.

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