Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Growing Girl

Reese is going through a totally new phase right now. She is incredibly verbal about what she wants and doesn't want, and she has an opinion about everything. A few of the things she has done or said to us lately have blown my mind!

The other day she grabbed her "pocketbook" and picked it up. Brian asked her where she was going and she replied "Target."

This of course, was not too surprising, since she's just as obsessed with Target as I am. When we go to the store she has a meltdown if she doesn't get to see shoes, baby dolls or baseball helmets (I know, she's incredibly well rounded).

She's also started "stretching" with Brian. Basically, Brian has been doing a ton of work in the garage lately. You know, trying to finally move the things that just ended up in the garage into the house. Well, when things need to go to the attic he has to carry them from the garage upstairs to the attic, and it has done a number on his ankle. About 8 years ago he had a freak jet skiing accident that resulted in a completely broken ankle. Like, bone showing and everything. I was fortunately spared from having to see the ankle, but let me tell you, I was so mad at him the day it happened. I called him that afternoon and that night and he never called me back (he was jet skiing with friends). He called me the next morning (at like 7) and asked me if I wanted to know where he was. Who wants to guess that!? But then he told me that he was in the hospital and had screws and plates in his ankle, and he was out of it. He couldn't move or do anything (like take care of Noelle), and I ended up waiting on him hand and foot for two months! Anyway, his ankle has swollen to massive proportions and at one point this week we could feel a screw sticking out. Ew.
So, to make that story a little less gross and long, here are pictures of Reese stretching with Daddy.

The other night Brian brought new pajamas home for the kids. He showed Wyatt his cool new Buzz Lightyear jammies and then gave Reese her new butterfly jammies. She grabbed them and hugged them and said "Ank you! Love it!" She's also saying that things are "Cute!" Especially shoes. Shoes are always cute.
In her opinion, this outfit is also cute. She was playing dress up with Daddy the other day and she came out of her room wearing this:
Now I love all of it, separately. With all of it together there is certainly a lot going on. Usually Brian dresses her pretty well, but this I had to question!
And finally she has developed a few more words. My favorites are "no way!" and "why?" when I ask her to do things. At least she says them with a smile on her face, but it kills me.
"Reesie would you please go get you a new pull up?"
"Why? No way!"

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