Friday, March 19, 2010


Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we spent a lot of time outside! This morning we went out to "bicycle" as Wyatt calls it. He loves to pedal around, but he also spends a lot of time stopping to explore (which is also what he does when he rides around in his Jeep). We played in the backyard and had a great time until nap time!

After they woke up we went for a walk around the neighborhood, and were surprised to see Daddy at home when we got back! He wasn't feeling well, so he rested while we did some more playing, but once he woke up we had even more fun....

Except for when he was trying to put Wyatt's new ESPN batting set together. We needed a screw driver and batteries and I ran inside to get them. Reese started running, and before Brian could reach her she fell down on the concrete!

She didn't cry at all (after she fell, or even when I was cleaning it, applying antibacterial stuff, and putting a band aid on)! In fact, she was kind of obsessed with the "sticker!"
Once we got out back the fun began! Wyatt kept walking around telling us that he was "being Derek Jeter." Reese was also Hideki Matsui. We haven't told him yet that Matsui is no longer a Yankee. That's going to be a tough conversation, because I was also "being Johnny Damon," who is now a Tiger.
I've got to say, this batting set is amazing! Wyatt can load the balls in and when he presses home plate the machine lifts and attaches the ball to the "tee." Then he can just swing and run!

Today he was more interested in having batting practice than actually pretending to run the bases! And he had two helpers to go and get the balls for him after every hit!
Reese also got to take a few swings while we were outside today. She kept swinging behind her and I asked Brian if he thought she might be a lefty, and his response was "No, she just swings like a girl."

After that insult, she decided to go back to collecting balls and carrying them like doll babies! This dress is way too short on her, but I had to get it back on one more time before she completely outgrew it. Plus we started potty training her today, so putting her in a dress made things incredibly easy! She actually peed more today then I think she ever has in one day, but she managed to actually go in the toilet twice!

This weekend is going to be absolutely beautiful, so we're hoping to spend even more time outside!

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  1. I have been doing the same thing with Kellen's clothes. Highwaters, what?! It fits! So funny how much Wyatt loves baseball.