Sunday, March 14, 2010

On Why I am an Idiot

I seriously don't think I could be more upset with myself right now! Wyatt's last swimming class ended two weeks ago, and there's usually a three week break between classes. But his last session was pushed back a week because of the snowstorm, which resulted in only a two week break. Shannon and I got the boys together for a play date on Monday, and while we were talking we realized that the classes started tonight.

I should have just filled out the form and the check and given it to her right then (she's a swim coach for that league), but noooooooo, I decided to mail it in. And then I got the email last night. The class is full, they can't even squeeze him in. And I feel like the worst mom in the world. Fortunately, he is unaware that he is missing class. But I'm not. I'm all "I'm the worst mom ever! He was going to pass station two and start learning to float! Now he'll never be the next Michael Phelps! And his dad runs a waterpark! This is awful!"

Fortunately Brian reminded me that there is a summer session, that Wyatt will be just fine at the waterpark, and that we never actually intended for him to be the next Michael Phelps. Or even a swimmer that won a bronze medal. I was just hoping that he could go without the swim diaper this class.

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