Thursday, April 29, 2010

Red Head "Reesie Rules"

With the beautiful weather lately (and lots of outside time), we are quickly discovering the importance of making sure that Reese is covered from head to toe (literally, scalp to toe) with a sun hat and sun block. Reese even knows that if she wants to go outside she has to follow "Reesie Rules," which include the hat, sun block and sun stick under eyes. Miss a spot? Red. Everywhere. I reapply every 45 minutes (that's another Reesie Rule). I just can't risk it with her. And if I don't use the stick under her eyes? She looks like a little Strawberry Shortcake raccoon. If I don't get her entire foot, the little spots where there are openings in her Keds get sunburned. It is crazy!

So hopefully one day her perfect alabaster skin will serve as a reminder of why Reesie Rules are so important. And she'll forgive me for spraying sun block in her hair to keep her scalp from getting burned!

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