Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Boy Update!

We had our ultrasound on Thursday afternoon and we have another healthy baby boy! The ultrasound tech measured everything and said that he was perfect, all the while talking to us about how to get Wyatt to break down and actually poop in the potty!

We met with the doctor after our appointment, and I was slightly nervous when he told us to come in his office and shut the door, but his nurse was in the hallway talking on the phone and she was being pretty loud! He said that the baby looks great, and complimented me on my weight gain (or lack there of) as well.

My next appointment is in late July, and there are two wonderful things about this one. The first is that it is with our favorite doctor in the practice. She delivered both kids and will most likely deliver Gooey as well. She's getting married in the next month, so they weren't sure that we could get an appointment with her, but we did! This appointment also includes my glucose test, which I am not at all excited about, but the office has stopped outsourcing the testing to Lab Corp and now does the testing in their office. That means that I can drink the nastiness, meet with the doctor, and then get blood drawn all within the same time period without missing work twice!

We only have two monthly appointments left (July and August) and then we start going every two weeks (until the last month, obviously). I'm hoping that we can schedule my completely unnatural birth at the next appointment so that he has a due date! We really want to schedule it with our favorite Doc, but we also don't want to deliver too early. We actually ran into one of Reese's NICU nurses today at Target, and she was so happy to see Reese! She even had a baby boy a year ago and named him Wyatt. She said it was always her husband's favorite name, but she really started to like it when she heard us talking about him. She also told us to relax because Reese's lung issues were just a fluke! I know they were, but the very idea of reliving the NICU experience makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm also really excited because I have a lot of projects for Wyatt and Reese I want to catch up on over the next few weeks, from baby books to making them each a photo book for each year of their lives. I just thought about that because we took pictures of her with all of her nurses and doctors and I want to include those in her book!

We are so excited that Gooey is perfect and healthy! We even got to see his little nose on the the ultrasound, and I can now say that I am 3 for 3 on passing my nose down to our kids. Ha! I am so excited to enjoy this pregnancy for the next 18 weeks, and then meet our baby boy at the end! I guess he should have a name though. We'll have to work on that....

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