Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wyatt's (and Brian's) Last Soccer Game!

On Monday the boys had their last soccer game.
Brian got the kids pumped up.
And then the game started. I used the Flip the entire time that Wyatt was playing, so I'll upload videos of him later. I was so proud of him. He scored 2 goals in his first three minute stint on the field. The parents sitting next to us had no idea who I was, and all they talked about from the minute Wyatt got on the field was how good he is and how well he handles and dribbles the ball. Needless to say, I was pretty happy to hear that!
But I was the most proud of him when he decided that he finally wanted to be a good sport. He did not want to high five any of the kids after games, and Brian and I both had a few talks with him about it. We showed him how the Yankees always give each other high fives and say "good game" at the end of their games. We explained why its important to be a good sport (but that it's okay to boo the Red Sox). And finally, at the last game he eagerly high fived the other team, and then walked down the line to give his team high fives as well.
You can see him peaking out next to Nick (#1) giving him a high five.
And here he is with his team mate high fiving one of the Bears. And can I just say that I can't wait to buy Reese pink shin guards like that?
At the end of the game the kids all got medals. This was the point where Wyatt had a little melt down. He didn't want it around his neck, and he asked Brian to please put it in his hand. Brian didn't hear him because he was giving the other kids their medals, adn attempted to put it on Wyatt. And he had a minor fit, but bounced back and now asks to wear it all the time!
Wyatt is now going through soccer withdrawal. He asks about soccer every day. He knows it was his last game, but he's still missing it. The Y has football in the fall and basketball in the winter, but the cut off is 4 so Wyatt won't make it. I think Brian thinks that if he volunteers to coach Wyatt might get in. For someone who didn't want to coach he sure had a lot of fun doing it!

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