Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Halfway There!

On Sunday I reached the halfway mark in my pregnancy (technically). I say technically because in all likelihood this baby boy will probably make an appearance sometime before his actual due date! The beauty of C sections (I kid, I kid).

Tomorrow is the big level 2 ultrasound where we were supposed to find out that we were expecting another boy, but instead he wanted to terrify us at our last appointment so we got an ultrasound then! Hopefully we come out of the ultrasound with news of a perfectly healthy baby boy, and we just wait another 18 weeks to meet him!

So I looked through pictures to find one of me at this same stage in my pregnancy with Reese. This is from our Yankee Stadium trip in 2008. I'm a little covered up by my sweatshirt, but you get the idea (and I think I was carrying her pretty low)!

Here I am on March 7, when I was 5 weeks pregnant with Gooey (and about 15 pounds from my goal weight). As you can see, I still had my "winter hair." Meaning - no highlights, just darkness!

And here I am on Sunday at 20 weeks with Gooey! I feel like he's pretty high and poking straight out! I am super excited this pregnancy because I am not the only person at work expecting! I am being accused of being "contagious" though because I am the first one due of 4(and I'm also the only one who isn't pregnant with Baby #1)!
Hopefully I'll be back on tomorrow to share the great results of our ultrasound! I can't wait for another sneak peak of our baby boy!

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