Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

We packed a lot of fun into our weekend. On Friday morning the kids and I met Shannon, Tyler and Audrey at the zoo. The girls spent most of the trip in the strollers, and the boys walked everywhere. I think we decided that next time we'll just use one double stroller for the girls so that we both aren't pushing around a double stroller with only one kid. Ha!

The boys had a lot of fun playing on the spider web. Wyatt's commentary on this picture is "Wyatt was being a scary spider and chasing Tyler around."
The boys also enjoyed looking at the snakes (and pretty much everything else). I have to say that going to the zoo on a Friday after SOLs at the end of the school year may not have been my brightest move ever. That place was PACKED with kids. To the brim. Shannon and I would race ahead of the big groups to get in front of the classes, otherwise it would have taken us for-e-ver.
I spent Saturday in immense amounts of pain because of a household accident that resulted in my ankle being injured. Basically, I'm a klutz. Anyway, my sister was kind enough to come over and hang out with us while I recuperated. She also didn't mind the Tropical Smoothie that I got her for lunch. Have you tried the Strawberry Lemonade smoothie? So freaking good!

On Sunday we had a big neighborhood barbecue. In the middle of our court! It was a lot of fun. Everyone that had a tent brought it and set it up in the median in the middle of the court. We had tables and chairs set up for the parents, corn hole set up for the guys and little kids running all around us in the court. No one dared come down our street with their vehicle because there were kids everywhere, and there was really no way to get out! It was nice because the kids all knew not to leave the court and they had the best time riding around in their power wheels, having a water fight, and just being kids in general.

The only real picture I got that day was this one. Our little neighbor Gavin is about 6 months younger than Wyatt and he is a pro at driving the power wheel. He rode around for about 2 hours in this thing! Wyatt spent a good hour as his co-pilot, but then Reese wanted a turn. She was so happy riding around the court with him. Everyone was laughing because they looked so cute. Wyatt was excited because his "friends, the big guys" let him play water fight with them.

Brian got home in the early evening, and they party still went on for a few hours. He got in a corn hole game with the guys and got to know most of our neighbors. At this point I feel like we pretty much met everyone who currently lives in our neighborhood. There are still a lot of empty lots, but there were a lot of people there! It really reinforced the fact that we made the right decision moving from our old neighborhood to this one!

On Monday we mostly hung out at home, enjoying our backyard and deck. And Trigger the rocking horse.

We had Peanut Butter and Jelly on the deck for lunch.
And everyone loved it!
But by the end of the day (and weekend), every one was pretty much tuckered out.
Including Wyatt, who is pretty much in love with his new toddler pillow.

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