Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Father's Day (Part Two)!

I wanted to make sure that I have Brian something "keepsake-ish" for Father's Day, and the idea for these came to me a few weeks ago. We already have a stone of Noelle's paw print, so I figured I should make him stones for his two favorite little humans :)!

Here is Wyatt's. The only problem is that these kits weren't really made for writing things in the cement, just for designing, so the names didn't come out to clearly. Fortunately I used blue stones for his...
And pink and green for Reese's! She was not a fan of putting her hands in cement, and demanded a bath immediately (which is why I did her handprint right after bath time)!
I also got Brian 3 books for Father's Day. The first is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, by Steven R. Covey (whose day planners I also happen to love)! I like the principle that when you raise your children you're also raising your grandchildren, and the other advice in the book. Hopefully this will teach Brian some time management (ha!) so that he can get through No Wonder My Parents Drank by Jay Mohr and Mike and Mike's Rules for Sports and Life by Mike (Greenberg) & Mike (Golic). We're fairly obsessed with Mike and Mike around here, so that book was a no brainer!

And finally, we found our baby girl all curled up at night with her baby (which we usuallyit take away after she falls asleep because she's not very soft, but Reese loves her!), her wolf "Ruby," and her Noelley. She just looked too cute not to risk the flash waking her up!
I'm pretty sure that Brian had a great Father's Day! We wouldn't have it any other way for my super husband, the kids' fantastic Daddy, and the best guy in the whole world! Of course, I'm pretty sure that Father's Day continued onto Monday when he got to test drive the 4 door Wrangler he's been eyeing for ages too :)!

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